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Brock Base technologies have been replacing the stone base under world class athletic fields since 2004, with over 20 million square feet installed. Now, that renowned product engineering comes to the world of interlocking pavers. PaverBase™ is the new, better way to lay pavers in pedestrian areas. It speeds construction, makes the site easier to work in, and gives the homeowner the patio of their dreams in less time.

DIY Live Paver Patio Installation

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Polypropelene MoleculeBrock Paver Base Overview

Brock Paverbase is an overlapping panel system made from Polyproplene, an environmental material known for it's durability, resilience, and thermal insulation qualities. Brock PaverBase replaces much of the traditional base used under pavers. It has been specially engineered for patios and walkways and other pedestrian applications. It is NOT engineered for driveways or other areas where vehicles are present.

Backyard Patios and Paths

Paver Path It is especially convenient for backyard patios and paths, where access is often difficult. It's an engineered construction material designed to meet requirements such as ground stability and protection against frost heave, but at a fraction of the weight of traditional base.

Brock Paver Base Minimizes Excavation

The function of Brock PaverBase™ is to minimize excavation, and use the panels as a "platform" on which to lay your pavers or patio stones. The overlapping panels install quickly and can be easily trimmed with a standard utility knife.

Brock Paverbase Panel Brock Paverbase Panel Brock Paverbase Panel

Effective Load Spreading Qualities.

Pressure Sensitive Film This is a picture of a pressure sensitive film that changes color at 7 psi or greater. The film was placed under the cross section of a single paver over Brock PaverBase. Then a 250 lb load was placed on the paver. The pink color shows the area where the load generated 7 PSI on the subgrade, and the white area shows where the load was less. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the ability of Brock PaverBase to spread loads over a subgrade.

There are two models of Brock PaverBase. PaverBase Pro is a larger panel engineered for larger projects typically done by a professional contractor, and carries a lifetime warranty for Brock PaverBase plus a warranty for the chosen pavers. Standard Brock PaverBase is distributed at your local Lowe's garden center. It's is a slightly thinner product, carries a lifetime warranty, but does not carry a warranty for the pavers chosen.


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What people are saying

"The panels are so lightweight, easily transported, and even easier to install. There is no comparison. When installing pedestrian applications, Brock Panels are the way to go!"
Lauren - ASM Indianapolis, IN.

"I have to fix my 20' walkway every year…with these panels; I won't have to do this again. This is great"
Lillian - Customer, NC - 71 year old grandmother

"Couldn't believe how quickly that panels went down. We laid the base within minutes vs. stone base, which take hours"
Don Martan – Owner of Martans Landscaping Murfreesboro, TN

"It's just too easy"
Josh – Dept. Mgr. York, PA.

"I tell all my paver customers of this unique base system. It's easier to install then the traditional gravel base and it's so much more faster"
Mike Dept. Mgr. Carmel, IN

"Our margin is even better and it's an exclusive product"
Kevin – Store Mgr. Steubenville, Oh.